Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Animatic Version 2... Hopefuly better pacing

I've ajusted the timeing in this animatic. I think its something like four shots that are held a bit longer and the begining has an extra board. This has meant that the music has had to be ajusted as well but I don't think anyone will notice the join where it is looped. Feedback on this is most welcome.

And while I wait for some feedback, I'm going to be testing a few different styles of texturing for my animation. Phil showed my this amazing example of how you can make a 3D envirnment have the style of a 2D sketch. (At this blog

I wasn't sure whether to go with a pale digital painty style or a sketched style. One thing I was thinking of yesterday was that if I was entering this diagram in a text/revision book, that the envirmont would be textured in a printed (digitally painted) style but if the evrionment was to be sketched, the book we would be going inside would be more like an exercise book (I guess were someone does their science homework).

If you look at the extra story board at the beggining of the animatic, the book is on one of those old fashoned wooden desks. It may be that the desk and the book itself are the only things in the animation that look reralistic as we would be entering from the real world to the diagramatic world.
Anyway, these were just some of my thoughts while the animatic was uploading to youtube.


  1. Evening Ethan - it's late, so I'll be quick, but I still think you need to give more time to the 'tree zoom' - or rather, make the distance the zoom has to travel actually longer - so that it still feels as fast, but takes longer to get there; indeed all those zoom shots could just be taken slower (or as fast, but with further to travel - if you get my meaning). At the moment, it still feels 'flicky' and strobing and I struggle to orientate myself; my advice is take it slower than you think is appropriate, and then, work back from that point until it feels right...

  2. Perhaps an extra few seconds... I think the only reason it looks flicky and difficult to focus is because its just a lot of storyboards strung together. The timing of the soryboards isn't perfect. If make it last 6 or 8 seconds and ignore the timing of the storyboards, it should come out better.