Saturday, 10 April 2010

Just a Quick Update

I spent the last half of my day today on animating the final walk cycle of my aristocratic standard lamp. The pile of discarded and re drawn frames is a good cm thick... and all just to get nine perfect images. It was worth it in the end. I'm not showing it yet as it isn't finished. In fact, I'm not showing anything I consider final until the crit. I need to add the monocle and the wire that are meant to be attached to it and then that's the walk cycle done. The rest of the animation is coming along slow but steady.


  1. sounds like you're setting your standards nice and high - good!

    meanwhile - I didn't think much to tonight's Who episode - too cluttered, too many characters - irrelevant child character, totally wasted 'smilers' (creepy, yes - but WHAT DID THEY DO?)...

  2. Good to hear that the animation is coming along so well! How is everything else going - have you made any more advances with the essays ? Don't forget, you can always email it to me, if you want me to have a look...

  3. My essay on Nick Park is just over half way now. Writing has been slow. Done quite a bit of reading though. Pulling in all the relevant information from the vairous sources (and making sure I catologue everywhere I found stuff) is a difficult task. I haven't got any further with the other essay yet. I will send a copy of both essays either today or tomorow if and when I make some more significant changes.

  4. follow this blog!

  5. ... more blogs (2nd/3rd Years) you should be following (and I should have passed on ages ago!)

  6. Hi Ethan !
    Just a quick checklist of things you may or may not still need to do!

    Film reviews- Jan Svankmajer, The Brothers Quay, Jiri Barta, Rene Laloux, Bill Plympton.

    Illustrated timeline - Muybridge to Avatar

    Any outstanding Maya exercises

    Final animation!

    Print out essay, do plagiarism form. Do disk...

    Did you want to come in tomorrow, or shall I just see you on Friday morning?

  7. I also haven't posted my animatic yet. I'll do that as well.

    See you Friday morning. With a final animation... hopefully.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece! :)