Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Quick Update

I thought I would Post these screen shots of my simple sets used in my pre vis.

This is the street with circus tents in the background. Do you recognize the shops?

Here is the inside of the circus tent. well... big top.

And where most of the film takes place... the cellar.

This image of the cellar was done in Photoshop, and was originally going to be used in my storyboards, however, the rest of the boards ended up only being in black and white, drawn with pencil and paper, so it wasn't used. It was a good references when creating the set in Maya though.

Unfortunately I can't yet show you the final storyboards themselves as, at the moment, they don't have any accompanying text. I will make sure they're on the blog tomorrow. If you havn't guessed already, I have been working on my animatic and pre vis over the last few days, but I wanted to get these blogged first.

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  1. Evening Ethan,

    You look like a man in control :-) I know I gave you a bit of a rocketing at the interim stage, but it's simply because I think you're very capable and have the potential to accomplish great things; and, importantly, I don't ever want you to think of yourself as having a creative blindspot or weakness (i,e, drawing or character design or whatever) - and being happy with that; I want you to feel confident 'across the board'; in terms of professionalism, your relationship to your blog is improving all the time. I'm genuinely looking forward to your crit. I know you hate them, but try and prepare yourself accordingly; maybe you could write out some very minimal 'cue cards' reminding you of the order of things you want to talk about - it seems as if the nerves make you go a little blank during the crit presentations; let's see what we can do about that! Best of luck for the final push!