Thursday, 4 March 2010

Animatic and Pre Visualisation

So I started with

the Trapeze Artist with

the Swiss Army Knife in

the Cellar.

And this is what I've ended up with...

an Animatic and a Pre vis about a Fat trapeze artist on a quest to escape from a cellar.

An entertaining crit, with some great stories, and now... an aristocratic standardlamp. (That should be interesting)

For a long time during this project I actually thought I wouldn't get it all finished, and to my surprise, I finished it with a bit of an evening to spare. I would say the storyboards have been the most difficult part of this project. drawing the same character, consistently was the main difficulty really, and drawing the right camera angles. (that's pretty much all aspects of story boarding) I am pleased with how the creative project has turned out.

I hope to become even more confident with drawing over the next five weeks, and look forward to doing 2D animation in the next project.

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff Ethan - your project worked well on the big screen!
    I'm sure by the end of the next project, your drawing confidence will have increased greatly - just look how much better you have got already!
    PS Hope you didn't scoff all those cakes yourself! :)