Friday, 15 January 2010


Ive spent the last couple of days just working on my scene in maya. getting stuck at the concept art stage, I decided that for the momnet i would just relie on alot of reference images of shops roads etc and draw some simple front side views of the things in my scene.

My scene is mostly modleled and UV Mapped and still needs texturing and lighting and anything that comes after that.

The lighting here is just a test and will be re done from scratch when the scene is more complete.

This is just a series of quick sketches, comming up with a logo for the fish n chip shop in my scene

and a front and side view of my shops. You will only see the corners so am keeping the design mostly the same.

this was an older concept, i dont think i have posted. this shows the kind of lighting im aiming for. It is actualy half done in maya and half photoshop.

reference images galore.


  1. Hi Ethan! Hope you have had a productive 3 days - looking forward to seeing what you have done on your blog soon!

  2. Morning! I hope you are up, and nice and busy already! :)
    Don't forget, you also have Friday's animation to review, along with Blue Velvet...oh, and Friday's Maya tutorials too! No rest for the wicked, hey?!
    See you tomorrow,

  3. Hello! Bit worried that you haven't posted anything new on your blog for a few days... hope something materialises this evening! :)