Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Invaders from Mars... and Skaro

Invaders from Mars started of as a good film, but dragged towards the end. The repeated footage of the running brought it down to the standard of a low budget TV programme which at first was hu
morous but got boring.

On a more positive note, the rest of the film was good though. The characters becoming slaves of an alien race one by one was just like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The change in mood of the characters enslaved was noticeable, unlike in the Body Snatchers.
I had my suspicions that the chief was already enslaved by the aliens before it was relieved. The film kept me interested for the most part as it played on the fact that the boy didn't know who to trust and there was a lot of suspense created from it.

I personally prefer Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


Ive been modeling a Dalek and have done a render of it in the scene that was created for the last technical project. I haven't organized the UVs yet although they have been mapped. I really wanted to challenge myself with some more unusual shapes to both model and UV map. Ive also wanted to make a Dalek for some time now anyway. I see what you mean about the lamp posts being slightly too big. It is most noticeable in the width of the closest lamp post to the camera. Although I did make sure that the Daleks could fit through the front door, so I have no doubt that they are approximately the right size.



    (I'm a big DR WHO fan myself - just don't tell anyone...)

    I was thinking about the 'Weeping Angels' - how uncanny were they? VERY!

  2. I think I must on the same wave length as that came to me today as well.

  3. There you go!....Looks like the fire hydrant is from the same family. A distant cousin perhaps?

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  5. I prefered 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' as well. I could not work out when the chief of police was turned either, as they didn't show it. The boy was .... interesting. I doubt even in the 50's a child would have been trusted so readily even if he wasn't 'taken with flights of fantasy'.

    The daleks looks great.

  6. i thought i'd say that i really like this! :)