Monday, 23 November 2009

An almost final Pendulum

I've done three more pictures of the Pit and the Pendulum.

This was the first picture I did

I think it was a nice idea but hasn't got the same atmosphere as some of the others. I
was trying to get a reflection of the pit in the pendulum (which I admit, looks more like a shovel) but hasn't really worked as a picture. The pendulum doesn't look like its hanging.

These two I my favourites and I would like to call one of them my final picture, or at least an almost final picture.

I prefer how the pendulum hangs in this picture and how it is lit. but is missing the pit and the rats because of the angle of the camera.

I like this one because of its colour. The lighting is good and there is more content in the frame (The pit and the low wooden framework), but I am not so satisfied with the pendulum.

I realize that all these pictures are missing the rats, the drawings of the demonic figures and the main character, but I would really like to come up with the final look of the room and the pendulum before going any further with these pictures.

If I could get some opinions and advice on the above, it would be most helpful.


This picture was done last Friday. I think it has a good atmosphere but has some badly drawn demons on the walls. (one of which looks like its dancing happily)


  1. Hi Ethan - in terms of mood and atmosphere, your drawings are very rich and evocative; have you thought of changing the 'character' of the point of view; for instance, if you were to depict the pendulum chamber from the 'point of view of a rat', then you could use the vertical surfaces a little more; perhaps there are holes in the walls of the chamber, from which your 'rat-cam' could appraise the scene; also, there's always an argument for deploying some artistic license - film-makers do it all the time - to create a better illusion of depth, perhaps the view could look past/through some old torture appliances in the foreground - consider ways to give your environment a little more information if necessary; make the right kind of departure from the text and no one will care if you've taken a few liberties here and there...

  2. Morning! Have a look at some instruments of torture, such as manacles...they would look good dangling from the wall! Or how about making the wooden bed more like a torture rack??