Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sketches and Scribbles

Today I've been reading clos
ely, the two books I've been given (The Fall of the House of Usher and The Pit and the Pendulum), and have highlighted all the important bits of description which will help to build a picture in my mind of what to create.
From that I've also been doing a few rough sketches while writing a list of words from what I've highlighted.
I have also found other reference images off the internet too, as well as a book with images of Gothic style architecture. These images help in imagining an atmosphere.

I preferred metropolis to the last film. I especially liked the beginning with all the machinery working. it was weird seeing people dressed in old fashioned styles in a sci fi film though. The city shots were good except for the old aeroplanes which looked quite silly.

Life drawing in next post. (my phone ran out of power so I couldn't use the camera)


  1. Hi Ethan - I love the fact that you're getting stuck in so enthusiastically; think about putting together 'mood boards' or collections of images/textures etc that relate to the 'world' of your stories...

  2. Hi guys, the DVD I was talking about today is called Concept Design 2, Sketching Environments by Feng Zhu, the sequel is Concept Design 4. A couple of books to check out include:

    Massive Black, Volume 1
    Bold Visions, The Digital Painting Bible by Gary Tonge.

    If you need to E-Mail me my address is

  3. Hi Ethan ! Well done for getting todays sketches etc onto your blog so quickly... its all systems go from now on! I know you already have been looking at gothic architecture, graveyards etc - get some examples up on your blog, so everyone else can see them too! See you tomorrow, Jackie

  4. Yeah - Jackie's right; I'd like you start seeing your classmates and their blogs as a tool in themselves; other students working on the Poe stories are -

    Jolanta at

    John at

    Go say hello and start swapping notes!