Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Fan, The Toaster and the Comfy Chair. The magnifying glass is a bit of a mouthfull...

* Project stuff is below

Here are this weeks results following the tutorials.

The Toaster

This I actually done in the break between tutorials on Friday and am pleased with the final outcome. Very cartoony, particularly with a huge lever and bubbly design.

The Magnifying Glass

This is a much simpler model. To be honest the only thing I shouldn't have done was made the handle red as the background is red. That's more a problem with the composition that the actual model.

The Fan

This was complicated and very time consuming, although not too difficult. The only thing different from this and the other objects are the amount of pieces used.
Although complicated I don't think it is as visualy interesting as the other models and that's probably due to the lack of colour.

The Computer Chair

OK, This was my own model, based on a real computer chair, using the same modeling techniques used previously.
My only criticism is that it doesn't have an adjustable height lever underneath! Also the black plastic doesn't have that grainy texture/bumpmap that it needs to look totally convincing. That and the cushion has no texture either.

* Project Stuff

I have an initial idea for my portrait. basically it goes like this...
i take photos of myself at different parts of the day/week, roughly paint them all and layer them together in Photoshop.

i will experiment with this idea as at the moment i am not sure of what it might show but hopefully it will become clear.
unless of course if it is an idea that i discard.

So far this is the title of my Portrait essay. (subject to change)
"What techniques do artists/photographers use to affect our understanding of their work?"

i will probably be looking in more detail at these artists. Chuck Close, Gerhard Richter and Bill Armstrong (cant find much information on him, except for what's on his website)

I've already started an introduction and have been looking at various books and websites as research.


  1. Evening Ethan,

    You obviously have a natural talent for this computer modelling lark! And your portrait idea sounds interesting too!

  2. I find the fan to be very elegant and subtle with its shading, once gain you are demonstrating your ability to view your work critically, just be careful not to judge yourself to harshly.