Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bleary eyed?

Today I’ve been looking at some of the suggested artists/photographers websites.

Looking at Bill Armstrong’s website, I first thought he had taken ordinary photographs and blurred them. What I didn’t immediately realise was that all the photos taken, were just of collages.

This is my first proper post on my blog which has taken me long enough to figure out how it works!

hopefully more to come as I look at them in more detail.


  1. I love this guy's work - again, these are portraits that don't reveal very much - perhaps nothing, and yet somehow, as you continue to look at them, it is as if you're waiting for them to come into focus. Below is a link to the famous scene in Lawrence of Arabia - one of the most famous entrances in cinema - and rather like a Bill Armstrong portrait finally coming into view...


  2. I went to the website you had been looking at they were quite interesting I love the use of colour and the mystery of the subjects that Bill Armstrong created by blurring them. I think I liked his "infinity series" best